Last Gambit

Best Film-making advice: Make the film you can produce right now!

This past November, in between projects (and admittedly) on a dare, we decided to embark on a challenge to test out some new equipment. The end of the year is usually a difficult time to coordinate schedules but here in North Florida, the weather was warm and we had some new toys to play with so we put out a call to find available talent and were more than pleasantly surprised.

The gear in question was the DJI Osmo Plus & Mavic Pro. Our challenge was to create a complete narrative using just these DJI products, and with the exception on an underwater scene and a “security camera” POV, where we used a GoPro, we were able to create some impressive picture, without hauling our usual camera package from location to location.


Modern Day: A top secret, military experiment, designed to create super solders goes array. Serum Z1441 had unanticipated and negative effects to the host’s DNA. In addition to extreme strength, invulnerability, and resistance to illness, Z1441 caused excruciating and constant agony resulting in extreme aggression and insanity. And then… Z1441 leaked into the atmosphere, contaminating the water supply.

72 years in a dystopian future: Z1441, now referred to by the planet’s few remaining inhabitants as The Sickness, has forced those who are unaffected to take shelter in locked down compounds. On the outside are The Shreikers, so called because of their constant wailing as The Sickness slowly liquefies them from the inside. It’s unsafe on the outside. The Shreikers will brutally kill on site.

For several generations, a community of survivors live behind the gates of an old recycling facility. Their predecessors discovered a way to purify their limited water supply, but it required renewal and a sacrifice. Once in every generation, two of the community’s warriors must venture out to retrieve the power supply that operates their water pumps. One, hopefully, returns from The Gambit victorious and the other is banished along with their family. With water supplies dwindling, this method of population control has always been.

Community leaders have followed this tradition blindly for decades. This is their way because it has always been their way. Tarrah and Orion, friends turned adversaries will have to face the outside, evade the Shriekers, and regretfully face off to the death. These are the rules and the rules have kept them alive.

When The Gambit doesn’t go as planned, it’s clear that the inhabitants of the compound are destined to perish. If they can find another way, will it be welcomed? Or is their leader too set in the past to consider another way?

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