“Business in a Box” for Actors

We’ve been knocking this around for awhile and asked several of you for feedback and have come up with something unique to get local actors pretty much EVERYTHING that you’ll need for the foreseeable future to market your acting business.

We still believe that working as an actor, is one of the most affordable businesses you can start. Even with the investment of on going training, you’re still shelling out a lot less than most other businesses. You’re not paying rent on a storefront or carrying inventory. That being said, we do understand that when you’re getting started or when you’re at a plateau in your career, you basically need all of the pieces (headshots, website, training, & demo reel) and those things don’t come cheap.

You could try to piece them out. Get a headshot, try to work on some student projects, hope that they get you your footage in a reasonable time. If you are lucky enough to get your footage 9 months later, guess what, because you’ve been training, you’re now a better actor than you were back then and this footage no longer serves you. Also, you’ve been working out and now you need headshots again.

What we are proposing is something we’d like to do

A) because you need it.


B) it sounds fun as heck to us and we want to give it a go.

We’ve always shot demo reels in a single day, usually in someone’s house or in our studio. This works great because we get multiple rooms and “sets” that are already in place. This still works very well. BUT… we are upping the stakes on this next one. It’s great to have good footage that shows off your acting abilities. That does take priority. However, when casting director and the agents you submit to can not only envision you as a character but also picture you picture you in specific genres and big budget projects, your cast-ability improves exponentially.

Soooo, beginning on August 13 we will be holding a very special session of our BRAVO training that will include 4 weeks of actor training AND some very unique scenes (shot on different days) that will be written and then shot on location or sets to resemble scenes from big budget films and TV shows.

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