Film & Production

The world of film has changed forever. Now independent filmmakers can compete with the massive Hollywood houses like never before. An artist, screenwriter, director, and film crew can create their works and be distributed to the masses with measurable success. Thanks to the World Wide Web and social media interfaces, the stories that may never have been told can now be realized and appreciated by producers and audiences alike. Join the movement… make your film today or join us as we make ours.

Season of Sacrifice Poster
Season of Sacrifice (2020) currently in Post-Production

​Feature Films

The film industry is evolving so fast that Hollywood cannot keep up with distribution trends and audience preferences. So many platforms are being produced to pump digital entertainment to the masses. This creates increased demand for the product as well as simple ways to gain an audience’s attention. Although excellence is still a must… more stories can be told than ever before at a fraction of the cost.

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