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our demo reel is the second most important asset in your actors’ press kit, second only to your headshot. The casting process is ever-changing. Online casting profile networks such as Casting Networks, 1800CASTING, Casting Frontier, etc, allow casting directors and producers to select search parameters such as height, ethnicity, Only Show Talent with Reels. This means that without a reel, it’s very likely that your profile is rarely even seen.

Actors are very frequently contacted and often booked directly from the reels we produce with them. Without work, you can’t develop a quality reel and without a reel, you can’t get work. Or, perhaps you have worked on an Indie project here and there but are now struggling to get any of the footage released.

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The Biomechanics or B.R.A.V.O.  courses are designed to give you some on set instruction during film simulation. The key to learning how to be in a film environment is to always remember that you are in a business. Show business is the key to a large economic growth empire. The actor is a small part of a huge machine. You have accepted the role of being an instrument of communicating an idea, thought, project or story to a selected or open audience. No matter your age you have stepped into a world that is driven by money.

You’ll  be taught by people who work on the film side of show business on a daily basis. Knowing this information will make you a pro on set and put you in a special place in the minds of Directors, Camera Operators, Focus assist teams, and ultimately producers because you will make the job work more smoothly and this will save time and cost. 

A film set moves faster than ever before.  There is little to no time for you to find your motivation or work your process.  And, now that so much has gone digital, it means directors can now afford to do take after take after exhausting take.  You have to give consistent performances.  We strongly believe that method acting is a hindrance to your career.  Biomechanics, however, is a repeatable approach that works consistently.  This approach was developed on set.  You’ll learn to train your body like you’d learn to play an instrument or learn a new language.  Once you have the system down, it’s painless, repeatable, and best of all, consistent.