Class Dates & Registration

Opportunities for Local Actors

Tandem Media is on the cusp of a handful of projects throughout 2020 and 2021.  These are medium and large budget projects and we are both excited and nervous about what this means for us and local talent.  Our hope is and has always been, to cast actors and hire crew primarily from local talent.  Because of our NDA’s (Non- Disclosure Agreements) we are unable to discuss the details of these projects, however, the time is drawing near and we want you to be prepared.

​​​Have you ever heard the expression, “When it’s raining, it’s too late the fix the roof and when the sun is shining, the roof doesn’t need to be fixed.”  We are offering an opportunity to fix the roof before it rains, meaning… get prepared now because once we start holding auditions, it’ll be too late.​

Because of the caliber of the talent that we will be casting out of LA and the budgets of these productions, we will not be in the position to hire actors that are untrained. 
While we will oversee casting, our executive producers and investors are adamant, and we have to agree.  If you are currently training and are confident that you are getting the best possible instruction, getting auditions, and booking (whether you have an agent or not) then please stick with what you are doing.  When it comes time to audition, you WILL NOT be penalized for getting quality instruction somewhere else.

However, if you are not currently training we’d like to invite you to a special session of the BRAVO classes on Tuesday evenings. 

Please contact us via email for scheduling and payment details.