Class Dates & Registration

New Opportunity for Local Actors

Tandem Media is on the cusp of a handful of projects for the coming months and heading into 2020 and 2021.  These are medium and large budget projects and we are both excited and nervous about what this means for us and local talent.  Our hope is, and has always been, to cast actors and hire crew primarily from local talent.  Because of our NDA Agreements (Non- Disclosure) we are unable to discuss the details of these projects however the time is drawing near and we want you prepared.

​​​Have you ever heard the expression, “When it’s raining, it’s too late the fix the roof and when the sun is shining, the roof doesn’t need fixed.”  We are offering an opportunity to fix the roof before it rains, meaning… get prepared now because once we start holding auditions, it’ll be too late.​

Choose Single or Partner Registration

​​​Because of the caliber of the talent we will be casting out of LA and the budgets on these productions, we will not be in the position to hire actors that are untrained.  While we will oversee casting, our executive producers and investors are adamant, and we have to agree.  If you are currently training and are confident that you are getting the best possible instruction, getting auditions, and booking (whether you have an agent or not) then please stick with what you are doing.  When it comes time to audition, you WILL NOT be penalized for getting quality instruction somewhere else.

However, if you are not currently training and haven’t trained for 3 months or more, we’d like to invite you to a special session of the BRAVO classes on Tuesday evenings.  The regular fees for our classes are $150 for a 4 week session.  However, for the session beginning in June, we are offering a 2 for $200 or $150 a single registration.

June 18, 25 & July 2 & 9

6:30 PM- 8:30 PM 583 1st Ave. South, Jax Beach 32250

Choose Single or Partner Registration

*** This is open to current and new students provided that our current students team up with someone from outside of class. This offer was created specifically to bring new talent in!! ***

Why are we doing this?  Our agenda is simple.  This area needs more trained actors.  More specifically, WE need more trained actors and (biased) we think our system works better than anything else we’ve seen.  We developed it on set and so we know that it works on set.  What works in a classroom doesn’t always carry over in to the controlled chaos of a film set.

Choose Single or Partner Registration

​So the questions is, if we need actors so badly, why don’t we give the training away.  Glad you asked.  There are 2 very good reasons for charging (basically $75) for 4 weeks of training. 

Reason #1: Time is money.  Your time is valuable and so is ours.  We want you to begin running your acting career as a business and that begins with the expectation that when you are hired, you should expect payment.

Reason #2:  Buy in.  If we offered this at no cost or way too cheap, it’s easy to find excuses to commit but then not show.  Once you’re there, you’ll subconsciously make the decision to fully invest.

Example:  A little over a year ago, we hosted a workshop out of town for teens.  Most of the attendees had the workshop paid for by their parents, which is fine.  That’s what moms and dads are for, right?  But one of these young ladies stood out among the rest of them and after further conversation, we found out that she’d taken on several extra babysitting jobs to pay for the workshop herself.  One year later, guess who is still actively auditioning and booking regularly??  The others, literally 80% of them continue to (unsuccessfully) dabble.

We’ll probably offer this to 5 to 8 pairs of actors.  We’ll make the cut off when we see that we have a commitment from a diverse group. 

Is this open to current and past students?  YEP!  The only stipulation is that current students can not pair up with another current student.  Our agenda is to meet some new talent and encourage you who have taken time off to recommit to your dreams.

If I don’t have someone to bring, can I get class for half price? ($75) Nope!  Again, because of the above reasoning.  We are offering this to make it an easy decision for you to invest in your career while gaining some bonus relationships in return.

How do I register?  Registration is via PayPal.  You’ll have two choices:

A SINGLE TICKET for $150 or A PARTNER TICKET for $200 and you’ll be able to bring along another actor.  How you decide to make arrangements with your partner is up to you.

Any other questions can be asked via Facebook message.