Demo Reels

Below is a collection of scenes from Demo Reels we’ve produced. You need a reel to get work and you need work to get a reel. Keep reading to learn more or Contact us to jump in on one of our production days. It’s real work, from a real set, that will allow you to market your best work.

Your demo reel is the second most important asset in your actors’ press kit, second only to your headshot.  The casting process is ever-changing.  Online casting profile networks such as Casting Networks, 1800CASTING, Casting Frontier, etc, allow casting directors and producers to select search parameters such as height, ethnicity, Only Show Talent with Reels.   This means that without a reel, it’s very likely that your profile is rarely even seen.

The talent we have worked with is very frequently contacted and often booked directly from the reels we produce with them.  Without work, you can’t develop a quality reel and without a reel, you can’t get work.  Or, perhaps you have worked on an Indie project here and there but are now struggling to get any of the footage released.

What you get:​

There are two ways to develop your reel. 

One on One:

​You get 6 scenes separate scenes that are all about you plus a full day of coaching in our Biomechanics Approach.  We script, direct, and produce 6 unique scenes that will be accepted as “real work” because we run a real set.  You’ll receive a complete reel formatted for your casting profiles, social media, and website.   The price is $1600.  Contact us directly to schedule.

Group Reel:

Work with five other actors on 4 unique scenes.  We will script, direct, and edit each scene and develop your professional reel.  We are currently forming a group.  The price is $400 per person and we will schedule a shoot date to accommodate everyone.  We will finalize a date after we have 5 actors committed.  

Please contact us via email for scheduling and payment details.

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